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Henderson State University

1100 Henderson Street
Arkadelphia, AR 71999-0001

Main Phone Number:
(870) 230-5000

Web site: www.hsu.edu

President: Dr. Charles Welch

 Henderson State University offers a world-class education in a highly personalized, guidance-rich environment. HSU offers a four-year, diverse and dynamic college lifestyle beyond the classroom. Of the nine public universities in the state, Henderson is one of only two universities originally established as four-year, degree-conferring institutions. Today, Henderson attracts outstanding students with ACT scores higher than two-thirds of college freshmen nationwide-and boasts a campus with more than $50 million in new construction and renovations in the last decade. And when you leave, you’ll have a highly marketable degree that you can take anywhere. Best of all, Henderson costs literally thousands less per year than most major state schools – in or out of state.

Office of University Relations/Admissions
1100 Henderson Street, Box 7560
Arkadelphia, AR 71999-0001

Phone:  870-230-5028
1-800-228-7333 (TOLL FREE)
Fax:  (870) 230-5066
Vikita Bell Hardwrick
Director of University Relations/Admissions

Justin Collie
Admissions Counselor for Central Arkansas
Admissions Counselor for Eastern Arkansas
Amber Taggard
Admissions Counselor for Western Arkansas
Meghan Miller
Admissions Counselor for out of state

Financial Aid:
Henderson State University Financial Aid Office
P O Box 7812
Arkadelphia AR 71999-0001
Phone:  (870)230-5148
Fax:  (870)230-5481
Director:  Vicky Taylor  (870)230-5148