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University of Arkansas at Fort Smith

5210 Grand Ave. • P.O. Box 3649
Fort Smith, AR 72913-3649

Main Phone Number:  888-512-LION • 479-788-7000

Web site:  www.uafortsmith.edu

Chancellor:  Dr. Paul Beran

 UA Fort Smith has a rich history that began in 1928, a history that encompasses a deep responsiveness to the citizens of this region and their educational needs. Our programs include top-notch offerings in biology, business, education, health care, history, and the applied sciences that have been developed in partnership with industry and government leaders, ensuring your degree will have genuine value. Our professors teach all of their own classes. You’ll never see a teaching assistant at Fort Smith, and they’ll take a genuine interest in your needs and interests. They know you’re studying to achieve a personal or professional goal, and they’ll make your goals their own. Our campus is the pride of Fort Smith and arguably the freshest and most well-equipped in the nation. Designed with students in mind, it has all the resources it takes to make your educational experience successful.

Office of Admissions
5210 Grand Ave. • P.O. Box 3649
Fort Smith, AR 72913-3649
(479) 788-7120 or toll-free at 888-512-LION

Mark Lloyd – Director
(479) 788-7635
Email: mlloyd@uafortsmith.edu

Kevin Farrell – Admissions Officer/ Recruiter
(479) 788-7105
Email: kfarrell@uafortsmith.edu

Clay Wesley – Admissions Officer/ Recruiter
(479) 788-7143
Email: cwesley@uafortsmith.edu

Laura Freeman – Admissions Officer/ Recruiter
(479) 788-7164
Email: lfreeman@uafortsmith.edu

Brad Echard – Admissions Officer/ Recruiter
(479) 788-7134
Email: bechard@uafortsmith.edu

Financial Aid:
Financial Aid Office
5210 Grand Ave. • PO Box 3649
Fort Smith, AR 72913-3649
Phone: 479-788-7090
Fax: 479-788-7095
E-mail: finaid@uafortsmith.edu