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Founding and Purpose of the Association

The Association was created by the four-year Arkansas public universities; University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences; Criminal Justice Institute; Division of Agriculture, University of Arkansas; and the Archeological Survey in 2006 as the Arkansas Association of Public Universities.

The Association is a nonprofit organization engaged in the improvement of higher education and in higher education policy advocacy, representing the collective interests of its member-institutions.  As such, it is not a lobbying agent for individual institutions.  The Association is also not a state agency, regulatory/adjudicative body, or administrative agent of its members.  Incorporated as a nonprofit organization, it enjoys tax exempt status at the federal (§ 501(c)(6)) and state levels.

The member institutions have been treated as a distinct group because of their similar and corresponding missions, which cause them to work cooperatively on many common issues.  Membership in the Association is voluntary.

Vision & Mission Statement

VISION – To enhance the quality and quantity of educational opportunities for Arkansas citizens in order to derive the many benefits of an educated citizenry for our state.

MISSION – The Association’s mission is to advocate the collective interests of its members and the value of public higher education in serving the public interest and the people of Arkansas.

In fulfilling this purpose, the Association advises the executive and legislative branches of state government, and others, on higher education policy, achieving its mission by:

  • Articulating how the universities serve the public good through educational, social and economic development
  • Providing the research and information services to advance the policy and resource needs of the public universities;
  • Enhancing, through collaborative efforts, the ability of the public universities to achieve effective institutional performance, autonomous governance and public accountability; and
  • Convening forums of diverse constituencies to develop common opinion about the value of public investment in higher education and the contributions of the public universities.

Organization & Structure

Board of Trustees:  The Association is governed by a Board of Trustees.  The chief executive officers of the member institutions (e.g., the chancellor, the president or the vice president of each member institution) serve as the members of the Board.  In effect, each institution has a single vote on matters before the Board, exercised by the trustee representative.  Decisions require a majority vote of the Board present to pass.

Officers:  The officers of the Board consist of a chair and vice chair and treasurer, all of whom must be trustee representatives.  These officers, along with the immediate past chair of the Association, constitute the Executive Committee.  Two of the officers shall be from the University of Arkansas and the other two from non-UA members.  The Chief Executive Officer also serves as a non-voting member of the Executive Committee.

Officers are elected to two-year terms.  Neither the chair nor the vice chair may serve more than two consecutive terms.

Executive Committee:  The charge of the Executive Committee is to advise the Chief Executive Officer on advocacy, policy and administration of the Association consistent with the policies, goals and objectives adopted by the Association; to review policy issues to be recommended to the entire Association; and to act in the name of the full Association when necessary.

Finances:  The Association is funded through dues paid by each of its member institutions.  Dues are set by a formula voted on and approved by the Board of Trustees.



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